The inelegant line…

In Switzerland, at the restaurant, you can order a bottle of wine, an open wine or a glass of wine.
When choosing a glass of wine you would expect that the host pours the wine, so that the glass looks filled in a proper and decent way.
But what about the precision? That’s why all the Swiss glasses for red, white, rose’, champagne, Prosecco are “cut” by a white horizontal line with the mathematical indication of 10 cl!
Precise and perfect, but for sure the wine tastes less good and magical in a “lined” glass!


Tegerfelden…a grape in the roundabout

2015-12-29 13.12.15 HDR

A small village in the Swiss Canton of Argovia with a long tradition of wine production, firstly mentioned in the 13th century!
With a little more than 1’000 inhabitants and 38 hectare vineyards, Tegerfelden is the second municipality in Argovia for wine production with 10% of all wine types produced in Argovia. And it is really a village dedicated to wine!

And quite famous wine kinds such as:
– red: Pinot noir, Garanoir, Gamaret, Dunkelfelder, Dornfelder, Cabernet Dorsa, Regent, Diolinoir, Zweigelt;
– white: Riesling, Sylvaner (Müller-Thurgau), Pinot gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Räuschling, Traminer.

To underline the importance of wine for this small community, at the entrance of the village, a giant grape stands in the middle of the roundabout, a big violet grape, lying on a grape leaf.
Ah, such a nice feeling entering this village, surrounded by vineyards on the hills and feeling the taste of wine in the air!

The useful pieces of information were taken from the official website of this municipality: