Two positive kids in the same class but… show must go on

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In the small village where I live, in Canton Argovia, two pupils in the same primary school class (the 6th) were tested positive to COVID-19 some days ago. In the relevant communication, the director of the school (which is attended also by my two daughters) quickly declared that everything was decided by the competent Cantonal authority, as if he himself, as school director, were just an observer.

And this was the brilliant decision of the relevant authority: The school continued as normal, as if nothing happened without additional protective measures. Absurd!

This example shows the hideous and alarming Swiss situation on the pandemic…

New look!

2015-04-12 14.54.18 HDR

This post is a little narcissistic, please forgive me.

But I just would like to “celebrate” the new header image of my blog! Until now I was relying on the default image…very lazy!

But here it is! A green (how could it be different in Switzerland?) landscape from the small village where I live, Ehrendingen. With an undefined path heading for the…green again. This is Switzerland, this is Ehrendingen. Such a small, but such a big village too: some years ago there were two Ehrendingen’s: “low” Ehrendingen – (Unterehrendingen) and “high” Ehrendingen (Oberehrendingen).

Since the 1st January 2006: the unification again (as it apparently was in the past) to have a single Ehrendingen!

To have a real….metropolitan countryside village!