The cleanest shoes of Switzerland!

In Shoppi Tivoli, the biggest shopping mall in Switzerland (Spreitenbach, Canton Aargau), you can clean your shoes in a really perfect way!
The sign next to the cleaning facilities reminds you that your shoes will get “special powers”!

Please try and let me know. My sneakers were not so dirty when I found out this wonderful cleaning equipment…

Summer tyres, winter tyres and…shoes

2015-06-28 12.21.57 HDR
Some weeks ago I parked the car and I was ready to have a walk with my two daughters.
Suddenly I saw a weird thing next to a car parked not so far from mine.
The car had some shoes outside it!
This can only happen in Switzerland…in many other countries a pair of “unattended” shoes would not resist so long alone!

I leave you the choice to guess what might have happened:
a) The car driver was tired and took out his shoes to have a barefoot walk
b) The shoes run away from some house and tried to find another home inside a car
c) The invisible man was just standing there and I just did not realise it!
d) They suddenly invented a mid-season kind of car tyres which look incredibly similar to human shoes!

Switzerland: the wonderful country of chocolate, luxury watches, banks and…misterious shoes!