2014-10-19 18.00.42Autumn is arriving, even if the weather in Switzerland is still surprisingly quite warm and relatively sunny.
And the big event of Autumn, Halloween, is approaching with its rituals, jack-o’-lanterns and…pumpkins.

In some countries, for examples my origin country, Italy, I would not exactly know where to get good and big pumpinks to create a typical jack-o’-lantern.
But in Switzerland…! The perfect organisation works also for the preparation activities for Halloween!

In this period, in a lot of countryside villages, exactly since the beginning of Autumn, you can often see booths which offer a lot of pumpkins with the most different shapes and colours!
They are normally organised next to a main road with a small tin box as cashier.
How does it exactly work?
Very easy! You choose the pumpinks you need for your masterpiece jack-o’-lantern, you leave the relevant amount of money in the tin box (according to the detailed price list hanging somewhere near the big orange cultivar) and you go home happy with your pumpkin trophy!

Super easy, isn’t it?
And now the…Swiss “trick or treat” can begin!


With my family, we bought a new apartment and we moved in some months ago. We are still in the “getting acquaintance” phase: with the new Gemeinde, the new neighbours, the new bus timetable, the new garbage rules, the new…habits of the neighbourhood.

We live in a complex with four buildings and some 30 families. Next to another slightly bigger but similar complex. And here I found out something which I still did not know about Switzerland: parties! Or, better said, the party “mood”…
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