Please take a shower before you go swimming

Photo from (source: Instagram).

What a shame, little Switzerland!

The embarrassing sign, written by the manager of an apartment hotel in Arosa, inviting the “Jewish” guests to take shower before and after the swimming pool, is travelling with the news all over the world! And it even provoked official complaints from Israel.
The word “Jewish”, the specification of which Jewish persons are meant (really all, no distinction: women, men, children!) and the threatening order really sound discriminating, offensive, scary and racist.

It is too easy and late now, Ms Hotel Manager, to say that you carelessly didn’t choose the right words for your scary sign.
It would have been probably better just to say “sorry” to all the guests: Women, men, children… Jewish and not!



A flyer was spread in front of the school of a neighbouring village by the school director.
Two men driving a white van tried to “invite” a boy on their van and bring him home…
For sure accepting that invitation would have been very dangerous!
Fortunately the boy shouted and run away.

All the parents of the surrounding villages (including us) received somehow the flyer…it started circulating in a very fast way.
Everyone was worried.

Calling the law:
The police was informed by the school of their initiative of distributing such flyer.

Reaction of the police:
As reported by the Aargauer Zeitung (, the main newspaper of Canton Argovia), the official speaker of the Kantonspolizei Aargau stated that it is important to report such cases to the parents, school and finally to the police, BUT there is no need to become too fearful!
In fact:
– every year 60-80 similar events occur…
– in the last 20 years no kid was kidnapped in the Canton…
– once a girl simulated a similar event not to go to school…
– often people with mental problems (not necessarily dangerous) are approaching the kids in that way…

“BUT it is not necessary to become too fearful”.
As you see… there is something Swiss… something skeptical in all of this, isn’t it?
How would have the police reacted in your country? What would have the police done in your country?

In this case there should be no BUT!
That sense of confidence that let Swiss think that, just because we are in the Confederation, nothing bad can happen…
This is quite SCARY!


Photo source: AP, taken from “Corriere della Sera”


Do you remember the video game series of the 80’s named “Donkey Kong”? That was great but this is not what I mean in this post!

I will speak of…animals.

In Switzerland you can find some typical animals, which are not always so easy to meet in a traditional industrial environment. Apart from the zoo, of course.

In the Swiss Confederation, you can very often see cows and sheep next to the roads, quietly having their grassy meal, you can even have your street crossed by a fox, especially in the night. You can be very close to any sort of duck, swan, seagull even with their small children. You can admire the powerful flying of falcons and hawks over the fields. You can be lucky to see some squirrels quickly and busily running to the next tree.

But in Switzerland we have also this: donkey inspecting an open sewer cover! This is what happened last Sunday near Basel, when a donkey apparently (!?) fell into an open sewer cover. According to the commuter newspaper “20 Minutes”, he was found by a person strolling around and 12 action forces actually needed to be mobilized to save the donkey!

Poor donkey!
I wish he could have found an easier hobby…

20 Minuten

In every train station a lot of boxes offer you in the morning the “commuter” free newspaper “20 Minuten” ( All the commuters are greedily reading this papers (when not busy with the iphone, ipod, galaxy, or other “astronautical” electronic devices). If I arrive late at the station or, for some still unknown reasons, I cannot find any 20 Minuten in the usual box, I prepare myself to a boring train trip. But suddenly I see an abandoned 20 Minuten on an empty seat of the train or folded somewhere. I appreciate a lot the person who left that newspaper copy for an unknown commuting companion. It’s like gettingĀ the room service in a hotel!