Snowy day… snowy way

Today the day started in a very white way!
All the roads were full of snow and ice, the traffic totally congested.
That’s why I took a bus (not the usual one) up to a certain point and then I proceeded on foot to the office.

No window shopping, no city walk, no quick coffee to go on the way…
Just white: behind me, in front of me, on the right, on the left, above me.

So I went on walking, dreaming of a magic blue warm sky…



A spider web on the office fence can be a terrible trap but also a wonderful jewel…

The mystery of the forbidden glasses

As you should know by now, timetables, times and schedules are some of the most beloved items in the Confederation!
But the nice times you see in this photo do not indicate the movies at the cinemas, the shows at the theatre or the shop opening hours in the city.
They simply show when you are NOT (I repeat: NOT!) allowed to through glasses in the common collection point!
Mondays to Fridays: 12:00-13:00 and after 20:00;
Saturdays: 12:00-13:00 and after 18:00;
Sundays and public holidays: all day.

Bloody hell: shall I even plan when to through away and recycle my bottles?
And the nicest thing is: why?
Maybe during the prohibited times I might be too noisy with my sounding, clattering, clinging, rebounding, orchestrating, thunderstorming pieces of glass?
But of course the glass collection points in the Confederation are usually located either in quite isolated areas or where other noises (e.g. cars on the road) would for sure cover the music of glasses falling into a hole!
Therefore this is really another Confederate enigma.
We should have a crystal ball to solve it, but we must pay attention to the allowed times for its use!

Swiss dungeons & dragons

2014-10-17 22.43.45

Which animals can you find in Switzerland?
Of course cows…they produce a lot of milk…to make a lot of chocolate!
But you can find also a lot of wild animals in the fields or in the woods.

And sometimes even dragons!
Yes, dragons!
OK, maybe you might not be sure they are alive and real.
But whenever you have a dragon, you can also have princesses and princes, fairies, knights, wizards, dungeons, treasures and magic…

So whenever you have a dragon, you have dreams…even in Switzerland, even in an underground passage to go from home to your “village downtown”!