Even Switzerland… (5) – The solution!

2016-07-09 00.50.16

This is probably the end of my post saga “Even Switzerland…”.
After the famous bus stop was mortified and injured many times by nocturnal vandals…
Finally the bus stop booth is heroically illuminated by very strong and bright lights. This will prevent for sure any “dark” business in the surroundings.
Well done: Solution of the problem and prevention of possible further damages!

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Even Switzerland… (4) – The fourth element

2016-06-09 08.25.27

The saga of the poor bus stop unfortunately goes on.

After having seen air, water and earth… the fourth “classical” element could not be missing: fire! (See the burnt “ad” poster on the window glass of the bus stop booth).

But unfortunately here we are not in some mythological saga, or on Mount Olympus or in the Hyperuranion! Where the elements would have probably the right to unleash themselves… This is just a nearly 5’000 inhabitant countryside village of the hyper technological and super advanced Confederatio Helvetica!

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Timely… late!

2016-05-25 08.00.02

In Switzerland the so-called “Post buses” (the yellow buses) are kind of a national institution!
And, as all the other kinds of institutions in the Confederation, they are part of the Swiss pride.
There is a nice App to know all the possible timetables and live schedule changes of these buses. Nowadays this is comon for every public mean of transportation.

Last week I was waiting for my usual post bus No. 354 at 7:54 in the morning to go to the office, from the remote village of Ehrendingen to the more remote village of Niederweningen, crossing the “border” between canton Argovia and canton Zurich… An amazing trip in the fields which is normally taking 6 minutes.
1 minute after the scheduled time… no bus was arriving
2 minutes after the scheduled time… nothing
3 minutes after the scheduled time… nothing

Then I thought: let’s check the wonderful “post bus” App!
The result was astonishing: For a 6 minutes’ trip, a (very well) announced delay of 7 minutes was displayed on my App!

Confederate trains and buses are always on time?
Ehm… actually not!

But the delay is so precise as nowhere else!

Even Switzerland… (2)

2015-10-23 07.33.07

…can be dirtier!
Surprisingly when I had to go to work yesterday the same bus stop shelter was even filthier than the day before.

I think the same “Warriors” were again active in the night.
Strange Switzerland…the most countryside corner can sometimes look like the most typical underground of a big city!

Even Switzerland…

2015-10-22 07.32.44

…can be dirty!

Once upon a time there was the myth of Switzerland as perfect country, perfectly clean, perfectly tidy, perfectly organised.
Nowadays the global society makes everything look…similar.
And so the mythological clean Confederation can show its filthy side too, maybe in a desperate attempt to get closer to Europe!

This picture which I took this morning at the bus stop shelter seems a frame of the late 70’s street gang movie “The Warriors” rather than a panoramic view of the country of mountains, chocolate and cheese!!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

2015-09-18 07.38.42
They say apples are very healthy.
In Switzerland we are very lucky…
Sometimes, like today, I could find apples for free on the early bus on the way to work! (Kindly offered by the apple producers of the canton where I live: Argovia).

I think all the people were so astonished that no one dared to take one!
But it is a nice feeling: getting something for free when you are just realizing that you are just starting your day.

Sweaty bus

Bus_Kaiserstuhl_aIn Switzerland the temperature is still pretty hot in these days: well above 30°C!
I was yesterday on the usual bus to work, the post bus (so-called “postauto”) 354, line Baden-Kaiserstuhl.
Kaiserstuhl, a small village whose name could proudly be translated as “the chair, the throne of the emperor”!

Bus 354 has a particular…defect. No air conditioning (as in all countries above the Alps, also Switzerland is very stingy with air conditioning on the public transportation and in the houses) and only the smallest upper part of the windows can be tilted and opened!

It is well known that when the ambient temperature is around 30°C, the temperature inside a closed vehicle under the sun can even raise to 70-80°C!

That’s why in the bus everyone was sweating like a pig and panting for air like a fish outside of the water…but the nice yellow postauto was running among the hills as if a comfortably warm day were going on outside there!

In such a case the “Kaiserstuhl” written on the front of the bus seemed quite an emperor’s stool rather than his…throne!