Swiss crow

Could you see that small black spot on the pedestrian crossing?
When I was in Baden this morning around 09:30 (quite early for a Sunday!), I could not believe my eyes when I saw it!
A crow! He was smartly walking on the street, crossing it using the prescribed crosswalk!
Swiss crow… Swiss discipline!

Did you know that other Swiss animals can also be very good on the street?
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Competition in Switzerland

Last Saturday I was in Zurich with my family.
Zurich: the top of Swiss economy, where the competition is at its maximum in any field and at any level!
Any level…

Look at the inhabitants of Zurich lake fighting for some bread crumbs!
One of the most severe rivalry I have ever seen!
And these guys do not even have hands and feet, but just wings and duck legs!

This is life, this is competition in Switzerland.

New employee in the office

Today, a grey and foggy Swiss day, we suddenly got a temporary employee to help us during this busy Christmas time.
He got a temporary consulting contract for a specific project with a very challenging due date: everything should have been finished by this evening.
He was not so sure whether he should have accepted the offer or not, but he finally agreed.
So he started his task: sitting on the best working place of the office, with a great view on the surrounding landscape: the ideal location for free ideas.
Then, he quickly completed his assignment, and, after a short handover, fled to his next mission.

He actually achieved the agreed objective very successfully: help the people inside the grey office, under today’s grey Swiss sky, to think of something white and free!

Feeling like Heidi’s grandpa


Today I even felt like Heidi’s grandpa during my walk to the office.
After a nutritious breakfast with the cows, I had a tight and adult discussion with another cow on different events of these days: election campaign in USA, Zurich as the most sustainable city of the world, global warming of planet Earth.
After a while, unfortunately, I had to leave this session finding again my way to the office…

Feeling like Heidi


Heidi is the famous Swiss girl character, living in the nature on the Swiss Alps, invented by writer Johanna Spyri at the end of the XIX century. Heidi became famous more recently thanks to a series of cartoons in the Seventies.
This morning, while walking, I kind of felt like her…
Green, woods and trees all around me. And suddenly a group of cows which were quietly eating and resting on the soft grass.
Unfortunately I was not going to spend a day in the nature, in the fine air of the Alps, but rather just within the four walls of the office!

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe…Nine, ten, A big fat hen

2015-11-27 08.11.55

These are the first and the last verses of a popular English language nursery rhyme.
(Having small kids at home I am often bombarded by this music so that I now know it even better than the Italian national anthem!)
But this is not the matter of this post.

Some days ago I was completing some very early morning shopping when I saw a curious pedestrian in the parking place where I stopped my car.
Pedestrian? Yes, it had two legs, two feet, and it was quite fat.

Walking in the middle of the outdoor parking, a big fat black hen was strolling around with curious eyes and calm attitude.
It was exactly like a person on a day off from work, going around at breakfast time, ready to hop into a nice warm bar, get a coffee, read the main news on the daily fresh newspaper and continuing the pleasant walk in the quiet relaxed morning!

Ah, nice life the one of the black hen in the parking…and probably even funny!
Especially if you think that she suddenly saw a hurrying man, almost sweaty despite the cold weather, rushing towards his car with a supermarket cart full of 11 (yes, it’s not a clerical error: eleven!) packages of 6 mineral water bottles each.
By the way: that man was me!